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毕业 签证

Graduate Visa

Since the beginning of 2013, international students in Australia can apply for the Graduate Work stream or Post-Study Work stream of the 485 visa after graduation according to their specific circumstances. Most students usually apply for the Post-Study Work stream, because there is no need for professional assessment and the visa is valid for a longer period of time.

Graduate Work stream:

Occupation is on the MLTSSL list and requires an occupational assessment. After the visa is approved, you can get a 485 visa valid for 18 months. Starting from December 1, 2021, graduate work stream applicants will receive a 2-year 485 visa.

Post-Study Work stream:

Applicants who submitted their first student visa application after November 5, 2011 can apply for this stream. There are no restrictions on majors, and no need to pass the occupational assessment. Depending on the course of study, the length of time for a student to obtain a visa varies from 2-4 years. If the applicant has completed an undergraduate course in Australia, a 2-year visa can be obtained; If the applicant has completed a taught coursebook or research master’s degree, a 3-year visa can be obtained; If the applicant has completed a PhD in Australia, a 4-year visa can be obtained.

Other requirement:

  • As the main applicant, the student can only apply for a 485 visa once
  • Courses that students are studying in Australia must be registered in CRICOS and taught in English
  • When submitting the 485 visa application, it is necessary to have completed the AFP application without criminal record and provide a valid English transcript.